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From pay treasure WeChat to youdao translation officer of China science and technology enterprises how to harvest the global tourism market?

Date: 2019-09-03

Qr code out to sea, China science and technology enterprises harvest global travel market.

With the steady growth of domestic economy, the increase of the per capita disposable income, the consumption idea of Chinese mainstream consumer groups are across the use value and low demand, began to willing to pay for the quality of life, health, taste, are willing to pay a certain premium to high quality life.

Not only reflect the changes in commodity consumption structure level, also is that people are more willing to give up on education, health, entertainment and other more need in maslow's hierarchy of the upper areas of consumer spending.

The outbound tourism market is a most typical example, according to China's tourism research institute released the annual report on China's outbound tourism development, according to the first half of 2019, about 81.29 million people, the number of outbound tourism grew by 14% year on year, outbound travel for the whole year is expected to reach 168 million, up 12% from a year earlier, it has been far ahead in the growth rate of domestic tourism market.

As the world's biggest tourism market, China's outbound tourism is to attract a large number of enterprises, investment institutions to speed up the layout.After pay treasure, WeChat, netease youdao's youdao translator also began to follow the pace of Chinese tourists, will pounce on global service, becoming the third for a qr code to the overseas Chinese Internet applications.

From payment to the translation, the general public more needs are being met

In the backdrop of the outbound tourism market is becoming more and more hot, blue ocean market a trillion-dollar scale has become an accepted fact, followed by a growing number of Internet companies into this field.

Investigate its reason, lies in the outbound tourism industry involves a lot of link of market niche is numerous, the reservation, travel, accommodation, travel, pay all have considerable market space.

Such as alipay, WeChat is followed in the footsteps of Chinese exit first out of the door -- it is also determined by the people's purchase ability and payment habit, two pay the qr code is accepted by more and more industry and market abroad.Today, the former has in dozens of countries access to the tens of thousands of overseas stores, support for multiple currencies direct trading, almost covers all kinds of consumption scenarios, and also is the public transport services spread, duty-free tax rebates and other services.

And not so long ago, there are a lot of tourists, found that in the United States, Japan, France, Italy and other Chinese favorite more popular tourist countries, no matter in the streets, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, or scenic spot ticket office, youdao translation officer has appeared in a qr code, guide the visitors through the youdao translation officer, resolve the embarrassment of the language.

It solves the Chinese tourists to visit in the foreign country other place will often encountered in the process of language problems, which hinder the outbound free lines of an important spot, according to iresearch data show that 61% of outbound travel personnel have the language problem, has become the biggest obstacle to outbound travel.

Such examples abound, actually such as face is full of foreign language menu don't know how to choose, need to ask the way when confronted with the language barrier and so on many Eng, this visit not only affects the mood, is more likely to interfere with pleasure trip, lead to can't understand the exotic, leave many regrets.

From technology to applications, youdao translator accompany you to go out to see the world

Let science and technology to solve the language barrier - without having to use cost extremely uneconomic human intermediary - has always been a feeling of considerable future expectations.

In the early 1990 s, the United Nations will be the development of the computer translation (at that time has been described as a multilingual communication environment engineering) as a global plan, encourage countries into research, and China also machine translation committee was established in 1997, the programmers and translators two possible "goes and" career in collusion.

Now in the field of translation, youdao translator realized someone had never do - qr code to overseas, as a solution to outbound travel "fundamental", is the market blank of "most urgent" issue.

Youdao translation officer regiment, in fact, is not only following the alipay and WeChat, third qr code to overseas Chinese Internet applications, compared with the former two pay to solve the problem, its solve the language barrier is also appears more unique value indiscriminate communication between human beings.

Behind this, is based on netease youdao for over a decade in the deep accumulation in the field of translation, in order to realize the quick 107 languages translation and simultaneous interpretation of youdao translation officer, for example, it USES neural network youdao translation engine technology (YNMT), greatly improved the netease translator translation accuracy and professional degrees, as well as the youdao corpus of big data accumulated over ten years, constantly optimize its technical architecture and details, on the basis of more understand Chinese, let every language and Chinese are able to accurately, professional translation, to achieve barrier-free communication.